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Write Your Memoir

Many people struggle to start writing a memoir. Others get started, but become overwhelmed – and grind to a halt.

Whichever describes you, it can be difficult to make progress with no one to support and encourage you.

This six-month group programme, run in collaboration with the prize-winning author Alice Jolly, is strictly limited to people with demonstrable commitment.

Core Elements Of Your Family Story

Families are scattered. Everyone is busy. As a result, many of us feel disconnected from the people we love.

There’s a quick and easy solution – a creative project to capture and share family stories in such a way that people genuinely want to hear them.

I created The Family Project with my wife Harriet, who for ten years edited the Guardian newspaper’s Family section. She really knows her stuff.

Have An Author Join Your Book Group

Inviting an author to join your book group can make a powerful impact.

Not many authors are willing or able to do this. I love doing it, and take pains to make it easy and enjoyable.

The only problem is a shortage of time – so I give preference to people on my mailing list.

Improvise Your Way To The Top

Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

Boredom, and a tendency to play safe.

Stiffness in conversations, due to planning every word before you speak.

An awkward feeling that everybody looks down on you (or up).

Story for marketing

On this course, you will see very quickly that sales are guaranteed to be difficult, if:

1. You haven’t worked out what you are selling (whether for money or not).

2. You haven’t warmed up your audience before pitching to them.

Not sure which is right for you?

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