Do you struggle to say no?


Saying “No” can be so hard for some people that they never manage to spit it out.

And I’ve come to the conclusion, after working with thousands of people, that the ones who aren’t capable of saying no are pretty useless at asking for things too…

So it’s worth learning the secret of How To Say No. And you can!

As I explain in this video, if we can’t say no, then what is our YES really worth?

I mean, if we say yes to invitations, but don’t want to be there, we will probably turn up and feel resentful and loiter like ghouls, or zombies.

And everybody will wish we had stayed at home.

Resentment all round.

So unless your real answer is “Hell yes!”, it’s better to say NO.

Mind you, there are many ways to say no. As I demonstrate on the following page…

…with help from my friend and coaching client Michael Obiora. I called Michael, invited him to play a simple game with me – live, on camera, with no warning or preparation. You can watch it on the next page.

If you think you recognise Michael, that’s probably because he’s been a professional actor since he was a child.

He had the lead role in Elmina’s Kitchen, at the Royal National Theatre, and he’s starred in (among many other things) Grange Hill, Holby City and Hotel Babylon.

The game we play together is simple, but incredibly rich, because it can teach you how to make better offers – especially when you are trying to “sell” your ideas, products or services.

It can also teach you how to say no, if that’s what you would like to do.

Watch it now, HERE.