Rules of the game


In this video, I explain to Michael what we are going to do. (The game itself is on the next page.)

Now, please bear in mind that Michael has had no warning whatever. And I add to the pressure at the start by pointing out that he’s a great performer etc.

(I love Michael’s laugh, when I say that.)

Anyway, you should watch carefully because it shows what’s going to happen next.

The game is very simple. But it’s very powerful. It teaches us a lot about how to say NO, if that’s what we would like to do.

Many people need help with that! But not Michael. Or so I thought… 🙂

When you go through to the next page, you can see us play it twice. Watch for yourself, and see who wins.

To give you the most benefit, I’ve created a transcript of the whole thing (including this explainer video), with space in the margins for you to highlight the things we do well, and not so well. I recommend that you download the transcript and make notes while you watch.

Just click here to download, and you’ll be taken directly to the next video:

No thanks, just show me the next video.


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