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You can claim your free copy at the end of this page, but if you prefer to BUY one, be my guest!

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Why am I giving away these beautiful things…

…illustrated by Jenni Sparks, designed by Tina Bernstein and Mike Abrahams, and litho-printed in England on FSC certified paper?

Because they’re so good.​

Because I know they can help to solve your problems. Any problems.

Especially if you watch me explaining how to make the best use of them.

And when I send your free map I’ll send you a link so you can watch exactly that.​

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You might want to learn How To Change The World (to use the title of my book, published in 16 languages worldwide.)

I really hope so.

THAT is why I want to give you a What’s Bugging You? map, instead of seeing you walk away because they cost £5.00 plus postage.

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